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Extended Warranty Program

Our continued commitment to you and success of the Camper Cams Program!

Current Plan: Connect

This is your current plan up for expiration. It was backed by a 12 month equipment and Service warranty. Review the Enhanced and Ultimate options to extend your Protection plan and below service savings!

Option #1: Enhanced

Enjoy a 5-year extended manufacturing warranty on your Cameras and System components. Service labor by an Authorized Service Company is not included under this plan and is billed at $150/hour.

Options #2: Ultimate

Enjoy a 5-year extended manufacturing warranty on ALL originally provided equipment, including your Server. In addition, service labor by an Authorized Service Company IS included under this plan.

Review the FAQs below:

How do I process a claim?
We’ve made it super easy for you to process a claim. Our support team will utilize your inbound service ticket as your warranty claim and process services and shipment according to your protection plan for quick, hassle free processing!
What's under a Lvl 1 Incident?
Cameras and system components are included in the Level 1 Incident Category. Limited to supplied Cameras, Network switch, power supply, video distributors, door chime controller, audio receivers, and speakers! Onsite Labor by a 3rd party tech are not included.
What's under a Lvl 2 Incident?
Your Level 2 Incident is specifically related to your System’s server. The deductible for a level 2 incident increases due to equipment value.
What about Shipping?
Ground shipping to and from your location is covered! Expedited shipping can be requested and be charged to camp at carrier rates. Warranty claims process before 1:00pm CST will ship SAME DAY!
What if i wait to add a protection plan?
Similar to life insurance, your protection plan may be added at a later date. However, price points will be subject to increased tier levels.
Can I purchase 3rd party equipment (i.e. cameras)?
The development behind the Camper Cams program is specific to the PB&J TV supplied equipment. The integrity of the Camp Bow Wow Camper Cams program system wide is our highest priority. If 3rd party equipment is added, Camp will be subject to development fees. In addition, integration and end results are not guaranteed.

What is PB&J’s Ship first policy?

Unlike most companies, per each warranty

occurrence, PBJ is shipping the device to you first,

with a provided return slip for the damaged device.

This saves an enormous amount of time compared

to most service companies’ method of having you

ship your damaged device to our warehouse for

onsite diagnosis, then processing a new or

repaired device for return shipment. Your uptime

is a priority here at PB&J!



1. Current rates are only available during sign up. Post sign up period enrollment will be subject to increased rates.

2. Equipment Warranty Coverage: is only available on the PB&J TV supplied equipment that is determined to be defective in hardware and unable to perform at minimum operating capacity. The replacement equipment that PB&J TV provides as part of the repair or replacement service may be new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability.

3. Labor Warranty Coverage: is only available to installations or integrations completed by an installer that is part of PB&J TV’s network of Authorized Installers. If an installation is completed by the Customer or Customer’s Technician, any warranty plan selected will not include labor coverage. This should be afforded and agreed to by the Customer and the selected Installer. Any onsite repairs or labor needed to maintain the system will be billable to the Customer at PB&J TV’s then market service rates.

4. It is understood and agreed that PB&J TV is in no way obligated to maintain, repair, service, replace, operate or assure the operation of any device or devices of the Customer not installed by PB&J TV or an Authorized Service Company.

5, Service to Customer’s system will be furnished solely by PB&J TV or Authorized Service Company during PB&J TV’s normal operating hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except holidays. If service is requested for a time or day outside of this (i.e. weekends, after hours, or Holidays), Customer may be subject to overtime service rates and limited to PB&J TV remote support.

6. Warranty Service coverage is only available to Customer if their account is in good standing and there are no delinquent or outstanding balances.

7. Current rates are only available during sign up. Post sign up period enrollment will be subject to increased rates, back charges, or can be denied.

8. Any structural wiring or repair to wiring required outside of the original 12-month installation warranty period, IS NOT covered under the extended warranty. Simple end-terminations may be repaired by an authorized services company but re-running damaged wire is not included.

9. Warranty shipping via Ground is covered for all our warranty plans. Express shipping service can be requested and will be billed to customer per Carrier rates. Express Services may be subject to certain restrictions including time of the request, Holiday delay, etc.

10. Warranty plans are designed to cover hardware defects. Neither plans cover negligent or accidental damage, natural disasters,, building/infrastructure defects such as power surges or water damage, or any other Act of God events.

11. Replaced devices are required to be shipped back to PB&J TV within 14 days of new device arrival. Customer is subject to the full purchase price of any device if return shipment is not received. The Authorized Service Company is not responsible for return shipments.

12. Network or Internet issues that are affecting the system and require onsite labor are not covered under either warranty (outside of originally supplied network switch). If router, network mapping, or ISP are at fault, Customer will be subject to service charges incurred by PB&J TV for resolution.

13. If a customer chooses to change ISP, add a static IP address, or change router, please be sure to notify PB&J TV prior to this occurrence so we can properly schedule this remote service. The customer will not be charged for remote reconfiguration services regardless of the Warranty plan. However, if onsite services are required customer will be billed standard PB&J TV rates and is not covered under warranty.

14. If PB&J TV Authorized Installers installed the equipment, the onsite service warranties and limitations are outlined below:

    • The Connect Plan (first 12 months) will cover the necessary hours to resolve hardware or installation defects.
    • Onsite services under the Ultimate Plan are covered up to 1 hour per incident.
    • The Enhanced Plan does not included onsite service warranties and Customer will be automatically charged within 3-5 business days following service resolution.
    • IMPORTANT: If it is determined system issues are caused due to negligent or accidental damage, natural disasters, or building/infrastructure defects such as power surges or water damage, Customer will be subject to service charges incurred by PB&J TV for resolution.
    • Any onsite service not covered under warranty or exceed allotted time will be subject to PB&J TV’s then market rates of and will automatically be charged to Customer’s account within 3-7 business days following service resolution.

15. Customer can cancel warranty services at any time. No refund for previously charged months will be available. Re-enrollment will be subject to increased rates.

*Current rates are only available for 30 days following your warranty expiration. Post sign up period enrollment will be subject to increased rates.